Five of the best neighborhoods in Scottsdale, AZ


North Scottsdale Park with McDowel Mountains in the backgroundScottsdale is one of the largest cities in the state of Arizona. It’s actually the sixth largest. community of all AZ Neighborhoods. It boasts a population of almost a half a million people with over 60 integral neighborhoods. The city has been for years seen as a city for the rich, but that is slowly changing as real estate companies continue to develop affordable houses. If considering relocating in this beautiful city, below are some of the best neighborhoods in the city.

DC Ranch

DC ranch is the largest and most popular communities in Scottsdale. It’s normally known for its recreation center such DC village beauty and spa. The spa offers services for all ages. This large spa offers both sports and fitness facilities.Bike riding for children and adults. DC ranch is divided into 6 subdivisions, Homes for single family and business centers. It has many different types of properties for sale, which includes single/family homes, condo/town houses and even development land (lots are still available for building your own custom home).

McCormick Ranch

This is a well planned community that has been in existence for more than 40 years now. It was originally used as an Arizona horse ranch. That has been long forgotten as it is now a home to 67 subdivisions. The neighborhood is blessed with a natural network of lakes and magnificent mountain views. The community is very hospitable and has a different type of homes and sizes. In addition, the community enjoys other social amenities too. McCormick Ranch has all types of dominion shopping centers, hospitals, post offices and recreation centers. The community has strict guidelines that ensure the community retains its glory. McCormick Ranch is also famous for it incredible golf.

Gainey Ranch

This is a master planned community in Scottsdale. The community covers an area of 560 acres and was built in 1980.The ranch has 19 different neighborhoods which are well secured with gates. There is a home for everyone both for single family and town or business houses. The most popular sport in Gainey Ranch is golf. That explains as to why there are more than 9 golf courses. The ranch has a cool climate and natural paths that are ideal for jogging and bike riding. Check out Gainey Ranch real estate at

North Scottsdale

This is the community that has seen a substantial growth over the years. The growth has been accelerated by the huge Scottsdale Airpark. The area around the Airpark is the second largest employer in the Metro area; providing employment for over 50 thousand people. There are different residential subdivisions, each with their own culture. In addition, there are commercial centers and other social amenities. In short, it is possible to live, work, play and party in this community.

Old Town Scottsdale

This is the most pedestrian friendly community in Scottsdale. If you enjoy walking, then this is a place for you. The community is currently experiencing a new phase of development. Despite the growth the area still enjoys the lifestyle of the downtown area. On the other hand, you will find a lot of partying and a very enjoyable nightlife. The homes that are coming up in the area have luxury apartments, lofts and rental apartments. You cannot walk out of downtown without noticing a fashion square and boutiques located at 5th avenue.

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