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Regularly Scheduled Air Conditioning Maintenance

The majority of AC problems always start small and not many people can notice them, but over time they’ll get worse and it’s at this stage that most people are going to do something about them. Luckily, Park City Heating and maintenance is a very simple way of avoiding AC failure or an increase of your energy bills due to dirty coil condensers or air filters.

The modern air conditioners most of us use these days are built to last for many years, but the truth is that many people forget about regular HVAC maintenance and the lack of it eventually takes its toll on the air conditioner itself.

fireplaceWhy regular AC maintenance is recommended

In order to make sure your AC unit functions optimally and won’t malfunction anytime soon, it’s very important that you hire an expert HVAC contractor who can offer you AC maintenance services before expensive repairs become necessary. With that in mind, below you’ll find a list of the benefits of preventive AC maintenance:

  1. Regular AC maintenance extends the lifespan of your equipment.
  2. Prevents small problems from turning into bigger problems that cost a lot more to fix.
  3. Your AC can perform much quieter while in use.
  4. Regular maintenance can also positively influence the warranty of your AC.
  5. You don’t have to worry about spending money for replacing parts.
  6. Your home is kept more comfortable and cooler.
  7. You can easily save energy when the condenser coils are properly cleaned.

Extended equipment life

Probably one of the biggest benefits of AC maintenance is the fact that your system is going to perform optimally and therefore its lifespan will increase. If a part of your AC begins to strain or fails, then this will put a strain on the rest of the AC’s parts, slowly causing the rest of the parts to fail as well. However, when you schedule regular maintenance, you have the peace of mind your AC system will function optimally and any repairs that may be required can be considered to prevent future malfunctions.

Lower energy bills

Last but not least, when an air conditioner is poorly maintained, it needs to work harder in order to provide the same temperature and air quality as a regularly maintained system. As a result, this makes the AC use up more electricity. If the condenser coils are dirty, then this causes the air compressor to work harder. Also, even if many may consider it insignificant, if the air filter is dirty, it’s going to make it harder for the unit to effectively circulate cool and clean air.

All in all, if you want to make sure your AC unit won’t malfunction or use too much energy when in use, make sure you hire a HVAC expert who can perform routine maintenance on it. It’ll improve air quality, lower the energy bill and also save you good money in the long run.